ENT Doctors List CMC Vellore

ENT Doctors List CMC Vellore

Find here the top and best ENT doctors list CMC Vellore. Read the post to know how to take an ENT appointment in Christian Medical College. Also know the exact schedule and contact details of ENT specialists at CMC Vellore.

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Best ENT doctors list CMC Vellore

Skull, Head and Neck Base ENT doctors

  • Regi Thomas, DLO., DNB
  • Rajan Sundaresan, DLO, MS
  • John Mathew, DLO, MS
  • Ranjeetha Rachel Gokuldas, DLO, MS

Pediatric ENT doctors List in CMC Vellore

  • Ajoy Mathew Varghese, MS DNB
  • Mary John, MS DLO DNB, PhD
  • Naina Picardo, MS DLO, PDF (Ped. ENT)
  • Syed Kamran Asif, MS, PDF (Ped. ENT)

ENT doctors of Nose and Sinus Clinic

  • Rupa Vedantam, M.S, D.L.O
  • Regi Kurien, M.S, DOHNS (Eng)
  • Lalee Varghese, M.S, DNB, D.L.O

ENT Doctors OPD Appointment Schedule

The doctors in ENT doctors list CMC Vellore are available in different day and time as per the unit schedule.

Clinic Name, Day and Location of ENT Specialists

Unit: ENT I (Head and Neck & Skull Base)

OPD days: Monday & Wednesday
OPD block 330

Unit: ENT II (Pediatric ENT)

OPD days: Tuesday & Thursday
OPD block 320

Unit: ENT III (Nose and Sinus)

OPD days: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
OPD block 330

CMC Vellore ENT Doctors Contact Number



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For other contacts

CMC Vellore Hospital Contact Number and Address

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  1. Dear sir, Iam from Assam and i shall come for the treatment of son age 13 yrs.He is in problem of DNS!ENT) and no symptom is observed as local Doctor coments.Give me a suggestion to whom i should choose in CMC for booked. Request to you let me know the time taken(approx) of this tretment so that i can booked the return ticket.Hope for cooperation from your end.Thanks

  2. Respected sir,
    I have to come there for treatment of my son 20yrs. He has problem in his mouth near the tonsil on his tongues get deposition of some white thing and it gets detached on its own after some time.
    Also he has problem of gastric
    Pl suggeste name of best doctors
    A K Sharma


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