CMC Vellore Urologist Doctor List

CMC Vellore Urologist Doctor List

Christian Medical College and Hospitals, shortly known as CMC hospital Vellore is one of the most trusted and renowned healthcare institutions in India. Here is the CMC Vellore Urologist Doctor List for booking a CMC Vellore urology doctor appointment.

Top Urologist in CMC Vellore

Are you planning to visit CMC Vellore for medical treatment? You just need a proper guide on CMC hospital and a list of doctors in CMC Vellore such as top urologists in Vellore for the CMC appointment.

Best Cardiologist Doctor in CMC Vellore

CMC Vellore Urology department contact number

Unit 1
Phone No.: 0416-228-2055
Email Id:

Unit 2
Phone No.: 0416-228-2111
Email Id:

CMC Vellore Urologist doctor list at a glance

  • Antony Devasia
    MS,FRCSED, M.Ch (Uro) FRCS (Urol)
  • Chandra Singh
    MS, DNB (Surg), M.Ch, DNB (Urol)
  • Arun Jacob Philip George
    MS, M.Ch (Uro)
  • Partho Mukherjee
    MS, M.Ch(Uro)
  • Sasi Kumar Chandran
    MS, M.Ch (Urol)
  • Santhosh N
    MS, M.Ch (Urol)
  • Sudhindra J
    MS, M.Ch (Urol) DNB (Urol)
  • Chandra Singh
    MS, DNB(Surg). M.Ch (Urol) DNB (Urol)
  • Nitin S. Kekre
    MS, DNB(Uro)
  • Santosh Kumar
    MS, M.Ch
  • Rajiv Paul Mukha
    MS, M.Ch
  • Anuj Deep Dangi
    MS, M.Ch
  • Benedict Paul Samuel Rajendran
    MS, M.Ch
  • Ranil Johann Boaz
    MS, M.Ch

Schedule for CMC Vellore urologist

Schedule for Urology Unit I
Day: Monday & Thursday
Time: Morning
Location: O.P.Block 250

Schedule for Urology Unit II
Day: Tuesday & Friday
Time: Morning
Location: O.P.Block 250

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