CMC Vellore Neurology Doctors List

CMC Vellore Neurology Doctors List

Find here the CMC Vellore Neurology Doctors List for taking CMC Vellore neurologist appointment. Christian Medical College and Hospitals popularly known as CMC Vellore is one of the best health care destination in India.

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CMC Vellore Doctors List Department-wise

CMC Vellore Best Neurologist Doctor List

General Neurology Doctors List CMC Vellore

  • Rohit Ninan Benjamin, M.D(Gen Med) D. (Neuro)
  • Gideon Lyngsyun Rynjah, M.D(Gen. Med), D.M (Neuro)
  • Atif Shaikh, MD(Gen Med), D.M. (Neuro)
  • Donna Mathew, M.D(Gen. Med), D.M (Neuro)
  • Vivek Mathew, M.D. (Gen. Med), D.M. (Neuro) Dip NB

Neuro surgery Doctors List CMC Vellore

  • Ari G Chacko, M.Ch (Neuro)
  • Krishna Prabhu, M.Ch (Neuro) (On leave)
  • Edmond Jonathan, M.Ch (Neuro)
  • V. Rajshekhar, M.Ch(Neuro)
  • Ranjith K. Moorthy, M.Ch (Neuro)
  • Bijesh Nair, M.Ch (Neuro)
  • Clinical Nuclear Medicine
  • Regi Oommen, MD, DMRT, DRM
  • Nylla Shanthly, DRM
  • Julie Hephzibah, MD, DNBIRT), DNB/NM)
  • David Mathew, MD, DMRT

Pediatric Neurologists

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CMC Vellore Pediatric Neurology Doctors List

Epilepsy Clinic Neurology Doctors List CMC Vellore

  • Maya Thomas
  • A.T.Prabhakar
  • Sangeetha Y
  • Karthik.M
  • Mathew Alexander, M.D (Gen Med). DM(Neuro)
  • Ajith Sivadasan, MD (Gen. Med)., DM(Neuro)


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Who is the best neurologists in CMC Vellore?

  • Rohit Ninan Benjamin, M.D(Gen Med) D. (Neuro)
  • Gideon Lyngsyun Rynjah, M.D(Gen. Med), D.M (Neuro)
  • Atif Shaikh, MD(Gen Med), D.M. (Neuro)
  • Donna Mathew, M.D(Gen. Med), D.M (Neuro)
  • Vivek Mathew, M.D. (Gen. Med), D.M. (Neuro) Dip NB

How to take CMC Vellore neurology doctors appointment?

Log in CMC Patient Portal with Patient ID and Password or complete registration with CMC patient portal with personal details. Choose doctor from CMC Vellore Neurology Doctors List, select date of appointment and make payment for the appointment. take a print out of the appointment schedule to bring it when visited CMC. Find more details here on CMC online appointment for new patient.

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  1. Sir,My name is Fatema.I am a patient of back pain.My back bone is increased on my back. So,if you recommendate me it will be more pleasure for me. My illnesses is more serious nowadays .So doctor please send me a recommendation
    to me.

  2. I am Md,Ziaur Rahman (43) from Bangladesh. I am suffering PCID C4,5,6 Right DM. Plz give me mail or Contuct number best Neuro specialist in CMC.

  3. Hello, I am Santoo Kumar F/O Simantho. My son, Simantho facing Neuro problem from his childhood immediate after his birth. Now he is in 15 age and his treatment is ongoing from Bangladesh. Please suggest a doctor’s name in Vellore wishing to visit a doctor on April, 2023.

  4. Goodmorning CMCH VELLORE
    Myself Pritymoni Gogoi from Assam. My daughter is 17 years running and has been suffering from brain pain since 24th. November 2021. She had advised for brain operation in Assam. I wish to come CMCH as she is quite OK without operation till now. Pls suggest for appointment the best doctor for her in the month of April 2023.
    Thank you

  5. Sir..
    Edmond Sir🙏
    I Request my wife and your patience From (West Bengal.) Name–Chandrika Shit. C/O–Amit Shit. 20/04/2017 sleep disc.(L–4, S—1) operation.
    again problem and pain lawer left side
    Please help him.

  6. Dear sir,
    My self Rajesh pandey from Jamshedpur my father is suffering from pain in leg to neck in one side . He can’t walk and sleep only small waking too much pain past 3 year but within 4months too serious pls suggest me one neurologist doctor

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I had a private consultation with Dr. Ajit Sivadasan at the Neurology department last month. The doctor had asked me to send a report on my medication and its effects. Kindly give me the mail id to reach Dr Ajit Sivadasan.
    Thank you


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