Health Benefits of 


Carrots include lot of health benefits like, control cholesterol level, prevent the risk of heart attacks, good for vision, etc.

Nutritional value

Carrots have a good neutritional value. Carrots are the good source of vitamins, iron, potassium, manganese and copper.


Carrots are rich source of antioxidant agents that provide great benefit of health.

Improves Vision

Carrot is full of Vitamin A that keeps eye vision strong and prevents night blindness.

Good for Digestion

Carrot root contains a plenty of dietary fiber that helps to maintain a good digestive system.

Immune System

Antibacterial and antiseptic  compounds assist to strengthen immune system of the body and are largely  found in carrot root.

Presence of carrot in daily  diet has a great importance to lead a healthier life. Carrot is also good to prevent diabetes and some cancer.

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