of Drinking Hot Water

Along with food, our body needs adequate water. But do you know the benefits of drinking hot water than cold water?

Reduce body fat

Drinking hot water prevents to accumulate excess fat in the body. Hot water breaks down adipose tissue or fat which helps in weight loss.

Improve digestion

Hot water makes the digestive process more active and improves the digestive system

Immunity booster

Hot water is considered as a natural immunity booster. During illness and fever, drinking more water is recommended to keep the body hydrated

Increases appetite

Drinking hot water after lunch or dinner helps to digest the food very quickly.Hot water improves digestion and helps in keeping the stomach clean.

Removes toxins

Accumulation of harmful toxins in the body can cause various problems. Hot water is very beneficial in this case.

Studies have shown that 88% of patients found relief from chest pain by drinking hot water

Boiling water should not be consumed at all. Before drinking hot water, take a sip to see if it is edible.